Board Members

We, the members of your Homes Association Board, are very proud and happy to be living in such a wonderful neighborhood.  We want to make sure our neighborhood remains the beautiful, safe and friendly place that it is.  We are always willing to explore new ideas that will help make it even better and we encourage not only your comments, but your participation.
All homeowners must follow the By-Laws and abide by the Restrictions.
Northaven Gardens Homes Association
 Board of Directors
President Tina Spallo 816-739-6471 term thru March 2020
Vice-President Roy Manning 816-446-5741 term thru March 2021
Secretary Trace Tandy 816-377-5511 term thru March 2021
Treasurer Mike Ebenroth 816-916-1007 term thru March 2021
Beautification Dennis Carey 816-353-8015 term thru March 2021
Social Audra Antes 816-898-4335 term thru March 2020
Welcoming / New Members Tammy Sharp 816-459-9771 term thru March 2020
Member At Large Michael Toledo 816-298-7586 term thru March 2021
Member At Large Bob Cerza 931-252-3639 term thru March 2021
Your Association Board is here to help. Use the Contact Us page and leave us your comments, but please don't bloviate. Do you want to volunteer? If you're willing and have something to offer; maybe you should run for a Board position.